Written by Administrator
Friday, 07 October 2011 11:55

How much does it cost to build a wall?
There's really no simple answer to this as the cost of the wall will be a product of the size and specification of the wall and the nature of the 'host' structure. CWMA members should however be able to provide a range of likely costs based on the information provided. Potential developers should also factor in the associated costs such as specialist flooring, maintenance and route setting.


Can you fit a wall into an existing space?
Not all spaces are suitable for all types of wall as the CEN European Standards specifies strict requirements for 'fall spaces' the depth of flooring and so on. CWMA members have however, unrivalled experience of fitting climbing walls into existing structures ranging from de consecrated churches to squash courts.


Do walls have to be inside?
No, CWMA members can build exterior walls from ranging from free standing traversing walls, free standing boulders through to larger more complex facilities.


Do I need planning consent?
CWMA is unable to provide independent legal or planning advise and potential developers would be well advised to consult a specialist in this field at the earliest stages of their project.


What sort of wall is best suited to my needs?
The design of the wall will be substantially dependent on the intended use of the wall; for example a wall which is designed to be used on a one off or infrequent basis (say by visiting groups at an outdoor education establishment) will present different challenges to a wall designed to attract users with a high frequency of visits.


Can you 'refresh' an existing facility?
The simple answer is yes, but it's little more complex than simply 'bolting on' new features as large 'volumes' and the like place substantial forces on the structure and care needs to be taken to ensure that in so doing the safety of the facility is not compromised.