Climbing Wall Services

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Friday, 07 October 2011 11:55

CWMA Services

Climbing, whether indoor or not is an activity that has a real, inherent risk of serious injury or death. As such all those involved in the operation of a climbing facility need to take active steps to manage that risk.

All walls whether supplied by a CWMA member or not require regular maintenance and inspections. If your wall was supplied and installed by a CWMA member we recommend that you contact the supplier to ensure that the facility is properly serviced and maintained.

If you're managing an old wall and considering updating or modernising the facilities please contact us for a free review. Older walls can be given a new lease of life restoring user satisfaction, increasing visit frequency, turnover and profit.

CWMA can also provide, via independent and professionally qualified individuals, dedicated professional support to assist you in the development or management of your facility including expert witness and investigations following an incident or receipt of a 'letter of claim'.

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