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Climbers enjoying the Engles Boulder

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1985 Entre-Prises is founded, and the first artificial climbing hold created by climber François Savigny at Saint Vincent de Mercuze, France

1986 First artificial climbing wall built from wooden panels

1990 Empreinte 3D wall createdEmpreinte: innovative polyester panels for 3-dimensional walls

1995 Entre-Prises is established in the United Kingdom

1996 Entre-Prises is established in the United States

2000 EPS “Explosion Proof System” safety system invented for climbing holds

2000 Freeform: Perfect simulation of rock – A new polyester climbing surface with no visible seams

2001 Entre-Prises Germany opens

2002 Acquisition by the ABEO Group

2003 Entre-Prises China opens

2006 Mosaik : the new construction system using wooden panels enabling 3D wall designs

2011 The modular artificial cave system: Speleo

2011 Takeover of the Spanish company Top30

2012 A new concept in leisure sport, Clip ’n Climb is brought to market – Clip’n Climb the first centre opens in Exeter

2013 Official partner and exclusive supplier of climbing walls to the International Federation of Sport Climbing –IFSC

2015 Acquisition of 50 % of the New Zealand company Clip ’n Climb International

2016 Monkey Space: a modular, innovative training concept

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